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A Thousand Parents For Every Child!

Halloween Special Event for kids aged 8-12 only!
Halloween Special Event for kids aged 8-12 only!

If your 8-12-year-old child is an avid reader or a creative writer, they’re sure to love our upcoming event! Freadom POD is inviting Tanushree Podder, a HarperCollins published author, to teach your child all about the horror genre, creativity, and the writing process! With two successful novels, a dozen best-selling nonfiction titles, and a few hundred travel tales under her belt, she’s all set to offer up her unique story-building insider knowledge.

Join us on October 31st at 12PM IST for this spook-tastic Meet an Author storytelling session.

We’re back with another bizarre #IdiomVisual! 👄
To “bite the bullet” means “to accept that something is going to be unpleasant and deal with it anyway”. For example, you could say “I decided to bite the bullet and take my punishment without fuss.”
It is thought to have originated from battlefield surgeries which were often performed without anesthetic. Apparently, soldiers would bite down on a bullet to distract from the pain. Interesting, right?
“If a cyclone is IMMINENT, you might want to call upon the world’s most EMINENT meteorologists!” 🌀

These are two commonly mixed up words, but now, we hope you #KnowTheDifference! 😉
For this Tuesday’s #TipOfTheWeek, we’ve got another long-word strategy for your little one! 🧐
Check out this #WordOfTheDayWednesday
One thing is for sure - your child’s vocabulary bank certainly won’t be suffering from any scarcity! 😉